A photo of nice me

Alexander Pantiukhov

Hi, I'm Alex. I live in Vienna, Austria, write about programming, work on cool projects and try to challenge myself (a bit).

I left my well-paying full-time job and decided that in 2022 I would not sign any employment contracts or go on job interviews, but would try to take another step toward financial independence and start making enough money by selling my own projects and services.

I decided to make a small game and a little bit of a show out of it — I put €25.000 into a dedicated personal bank account and €10.000 more to my business account, and that's almost all the money I plan to spend in 2022 (except for a couple of direct debits and rental payments I cannot easily transfer + the money I am about to make, of course). The optimistic plan would be to have more than that in the end of the next year.

I will be documenting the process — this page is going to contain the live information about the state of my bank accounts, and my Twitter will be full of information about my path, successes and failures. A separate blog will also be launched later in 2022. Stay tuned!


Latest transactions

  • Spotify P1D039678E-€12.99
  • EasyPark Austria GmbH-€20.76
  • APPLE.COM/BILL-€10.49
  • MailChimp-€122.52
  • EasyPark Austria GmbH-€7.53
  • Twitter Online Ads-€762.53
  • EasyPark Austria GmbH-€4.37
  • WWW.TWILIO.COM-€19.81
  • Twitter Online Ads-€300
  • bunq-€11.1